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Our responsibility as a company

Durable Philosophie
Horst-Werner Maier-Hunke Geschäftsführer DURABLE

Dear readers,

The question of corporate social responsibility has been debated for a long time. But the answer is very clear for us. So in our daily work, we think about our role in our social environment. We want to do it justice! That’s because we take it for granted that in our business it’s not just about giving back what we get as a company from society but also about participating
actively in shaping our common future.
Our world is characterised by fast-paced change. And important points of orientation become lost in all of these changes. That’s why we see it as part of our responsibility to adhere to traditional values and show them in our actions. Success is the basis of every company. But success also involves a high level of environmental and social responsibility. And this responsibility has to be sustained. Sustainable business and social engagement are closely interwoven at DURABLE. The use of high-quality recyclable materials, waste reduction and energy-saving production processes are just a part of how we do things. Targeted strengthening of the region, support for all our employees and commitment to social projects are also essential components of our business.
If we want to continue to grow responsibly in the future and be successful, we have to be a sustainable and socially engaged company. This brochure will provide you with some insight into our activities in this regard.
We hope you will find it interesting.

Horst-Werner Maier-Hunke, Matthias Laue

Protection of the environment is part of our daily lives.

Protection of the environment is part of our daily lives.

High quality standards in the interest of eco-friendliness

DURABLE products are particularly eco-friendly thanks to their durability. The plastic materials we use are robust, have excellent recycling properties and can be disposed of together with normal refuse with no problem at all.

Social reSponSibility ...

Social Responsibility ...

DURABLE has been committed to accepting social responsibility for many years.

We also make a point of being actively committed to our staff. This is why we look for ways to motivate our employees. We believe that motivation starts with optimizing working conditions to create a supportive and inspiring working environment that motivates and results in the best possible performance.

This is how we define sustainability

This is how we define sustainability

We invite you to download and read our publication Success requires responsibility.pdf