What does sustainability mean for DURABLE?

We take a holistic approach to sustainability. In order to do justice to environmental, financial and social responsibility, we need a finely balanced, long-term strategy that is implemented consistently.

Vision, responsibility for our environment and a humane society shape the style of success on which we model ourselves. Sustainable business and social engagement are closely linked to each other at DURABLE. We see the use of high-quality, long-lasting and recyclable materials as one of our top priorities. The greatest possible prevention of waste, and saving energy in production processes are things we put into practice every day. Targeted strengthening of the region, support for all our employees and commitment to social projects are also essential components of our business.
Conscious sustainable action happens at all levels of our society. As a company, our declared aim is to do business in a way that is environmentally, financially and socially responsible. We do so in order to discharge our responsibility to society.

Sustainability in the company

Our world can only meet the 17 SDGs of the Agenda 2030 if each and every one of us contributes to sustainable environmental, financial and social development. That includes DURABLE and all its employees.
We focus on sustainable, modern energy production and usage in order to play our part in the energy transition and climate protection. In production, we also place a strong focus on a well-functioning circular economy. Our company lays the foundation for a better future by placing a high value on quality vocational training and also by supporting international projects that promote equal opportunities in education.

Our carbon footprint

We have been certified as a carbon-neutral company since 1 February 2023. In addition to avoidance and reduction, this offsetting of CO2 emissions is an important step in holistic climate protection.

Sustainable across all business divisions

Our mindful, responsible approach is visible in all areas of the company. Sustainability begins with product ideas. In order for our brand to be successful, our designs, materials and production processes need to promote long-term use and a circular economy.

Blue Angel – a seal steeped in tradition

DURABLE and its products have always pursued a commitment to quality that shapes the foundation of our sustainability strategy: we make high-quality products with a classic design that are intended for many years of use.

Social sustainability at DURABLE

A company is only as good as its employees. That is why we focus on people at DURABLE. We emphasise know-how, motivation and team spirit. Successful business always involves knowledge and skill.

Sustainable environmental goals

We as a company bear great responsibility for our immediate environment. We are aware of this responsibility and therefore make targeted investment in nature conservation initiatives. Through our actions, we also aim to raise our employees’ awareness for this issue and encourage their own initiative.