Sustainable across all business divisions

Our mindful, responsible approach is visible in all areas of the company. Sustainability begins with product ideas. In order for our brand to be successful, our designs, materials and production processes need to promote long-term use and a circular economy.

We need to optimise processes in our production and introduce additional KPIs. Modern waste sorting standards are now a matter of course. To give just one example, we recycle more of our waste in production, and the percentage continues to increase year by year at DURABLE. We also focus on operating our machines at full capacity to minimise our energy usage. We generate some of the energy we use. The solar panels on the roofs of our buildings cover a surface area of more than 3,500 m2, and we plan to expand them. Some of our company vehicles run on electricity. In 2019, we invested heavily in a new production plant in Kamen. Here we installed state-of-the-art lighting and heating. Low energy, of course!

Carbon neutral shipping

One of the main contributors to climate change is CO2 emissions. Reducing emissions requires great effort. To this end, DURABLE has entered into a partnership with logistics company GLS to ensure that all shipments from our distribution centre are carbon CO2neutral. We take various steps to reduce and offset our emissions – by using electric vehicles, for example, but also by sponsoring reforestation projects.
Right from the word go, we aim to use packaging as mindfully as possible and avoid unnecessary packaging materials. Our focus here is on optimising our approach and using more recycled or recyclable packaging materials.

Recycling electronic waste

Only a few of the products in DURABLE’s portfolio are powered by electricity. One such is the LUCTRA LED lighting range. Our primary focus in product development and production is to make sure individual components can be separated easily. This enables customers to dispose of them correctly and reuse individual components at the end of the product life cycle.

Offices: waste is channelled back into the loop

Germany generates millions of tonnes of waste every year – in business and industry as well as in offices. Today, virtually all waste can be recycled and channelled back into the economic cycle. But for this to happen, different types of waste need to be collected and sorted diligently. Here, the circulation principle of our economy is modelled on the recycling of substances which takes place in nature, by attempting to recycle substances for re-use for as long as possible and in a way that makes sense both ecologically and socially. The key issue here is to ensure that waste is collected and separated into different groups of recyclable materials. This is how DURABLE seeks to operate. At all our sites, we collect and sort our waste in line with circular economy principles and the Waste Avoidance and Management Act. Not only do we seek to reduce the amount of waste we generate but we also consistently sort our waste to separate paper, glass, metal, plastics and organic waste.