KEY BOX CODE 54 with combination lock and slot

Item No. 196823

• Designer key box made of aluminium with combination lock and opening in the lid for the quick return of keys
• Capacity: For 54 KEY CLIP key holders
• Lock with code that can be set individually from a choice of up to 1000 combinations
• Opening in the lid for the quick return of keys, easy removal of returned keys thanks to swivel-mounted collection tray inside
• Special key rails for secure hold and easy access Excellent overview when used in combination with KEY CLIP key holders due to the permanently visible label
• Key rails can be attached at different heights
• Clear list of contents through EDP-printable index sheet
• Incl. 6 coloured KEY CLIP key holders
• Free download of labelling templates for index sheets and KEY CLIP inserts
• Incl. mounting kit

Assembly instructions
PDF 2.4 MB
Assembly instructions
PDF 112.6 KB
Instruction manual
PDF 919.1 KB
Product Spec Sheet
PDF 218 KB
Green datasheet
PDF 128.5 KB
Material datasheet
PDF 115.8 KB
Lock type
combination lock
Type of lock
with 3-digit numerical code
Label type
Base/mount type
Wall mount
Outer width (mm)
Outer height (mm)
Outer depth/length
118 mm
Filling quantity/Filling quantity for
54 key
Main material