DURAFRAME® The infoframe


  • Presenting information in a high quality and professional way
  • Quick insertion and exchange of documents via a fold-back magnetic frame
  • Easy attachment of the info frames to any surface without tools

The perfect frame for any kind of surfaces

DURAFRAME® offers other mounting options besides the self-adhesive version. Either for use as an adversiting frame with a self-adhesive reverse side, or as an infobag with a magnetic reverse side or as a posterframe with UV protection specifically for the application in a shop window - find your DURAFRAME® for every range of application!
For smooth surfaces
DURAFRAME® is the self-adhesive infoframe for versatile applications.
For glass surfaces (solar radiation)
DURAFRAME® SUN is UV-resistant and the static cling solution for use on glass windows.
For textile surfaces
DURAFRAME® GRIP sticks to textile surfaces via the fabric grip tape on the back.
For metallic surfaces
DURAFRAME® adheres magnetically to metallic surfaces.

The simple and versatile solution

DURAFRAME® letter and tabloid

Our best-seller for versatile applications: the self-adhesive DURAFRAME® infoframe stays in place on smooth indoor surfaces such as doors, cabinets, glass panes and walls and can be removed again from solid backing such as glass without leaving a residue. Information can be exchanged quickly due to magnetic closure. Professional presentation of information has never been so easy!

Just look how easy DURAFRAME® is to use:

1) Remove the protective film.
2) Attach in the desired position.
3) Lift the infoframe and insert materials.
4) Simple! DURAFRAME® can be fixed on solid and smooth surfaces.

And this is how DURAFRAME® works:

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Applications in the medical and health sector

Notices in your physiotherapy practice

Are you also faced with the problem that your practice is well attended and you have to ensure a convincing, consistent information and hygiene concept?

Notices in your pharmacy

Offers, notices, announcements - how do you professionally accommodate the various notices in your limited space?

Hospital notices

How can infection prevention measures in hospitals and care facilities be visualised in a way that everyone can understand?