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Think lean!

LEAN – an opportunity for production and administration

Lean is the most widely practised management approach worldwide and is primarily established within a corporate production system. Lean Management means “streamlined management” and originates from Japan. The automobile manufacturer Toyota was the first to apply it and simultaneously developed its principles. From its components, the company derived a production system (principles and tools) and a working culture.

Efficient production systems include Lean Production, Lean Office and a culture which combines both via the staff members. A distinction must be made between the methods or tools and the philosophy. The philosophies or principles of Lean can be applied to all companies, while the tools must be tested and examined for company fit.

The end goal is the same for all companies: eliminate those parts of the process which do not add value. This principle applies to both production and administrative work. In this way, companies improve their competitiveness, and workers gain a clear structure through more stable processes and more target driven strategy.
Shopfloor Management in production and administration
Improved communication between management and employees as well as their intense integration into change and improvement processes are the basis of shopfloor and office floor management. The DURAFRAME® range offers professional support here.
Kaizen in practice
Constantly question and optimise processes - this process for continuous improvement is the fundamental building block of the Kaizen philosophy. Information panels and display panel systems are useful aids.
Visualisation and transparency with 5S
Correct labelling and visualisation ensure reduction of error sources and long search times. This leads to a measurable gain in productivity in the areas of production, logistics and administration. With the right products, DURABLE creates ideal conditions to facilitate structured work in accordance with the 5S principle.
First in - first out with simple means of organisation
What comes in first is processed first - the FiFo principle is the Lean tool for quick and efficient procedures. The proven method prevents waiting times and quality defects and can be implemented ideally with DURABLE products!
Flow and flexibility
In the so-called "Flow", work is most productive - ideal conditions are created for this with the right products. Whether in production or administration, flexible products, such as those with castors, are particularly mobile aids for day-to-day tasks.

DURABLE Products for more efficiency in your office and in your company

For years, DURABLE has been working in accordance with the Lean principles in the areas of production and administration, as these two areas can no longer be separated from each other. DURABLE has consistently extended its competence in office efficiency and thus its own product range. DURABLE offers functional products for each LEAN principle, which optimally support processes and procedures.

Efficient communication with visualization concepts in production and Produktion and administration

Shopfloor Management

Visibility and ease of understanding of production reports or information materials play a vital part in Shopfloor Management. With little effort, current deviations are visualised daily in the form of key figures and disturbance variables.

Through early recognition and communication of necessary adjustments with the focus on problem solving, prompt implementation with personal responsibility is achieved.

With the introduction of Shop or Office Floor Management, an extremely high level of discipline and consistency is built up in the entire executive team as a cultural element, in addition to methodical support in the practice of daily leadership and control.

Shopfloor Management ensures corporate success by developing the ability to adapt and adjust to future demands and simultaneously develops a corporate culture of efficient interaction. Cooperation is fostered by simpler leadership structures, improved communication and a high level of personal responsibility among the different levels of employees.

Professional Shopfloor Management with DURAFRAME®

The versatile foil frames from DURABLE offer the perfect solution for shopfloor management in administration and production. Whether with a self-adhesive or magnetic rear side, in eye-catching safety colours or with additional functions such as a pen holder - the application possibilities are endless.


Kaizen is Japanese and means: change (KAI) for the good or for the better (ZEN). In Lean Management, Kaizen has two different meanings. Firstly, it stands for anchoring the philosophy of a continuous improvement process in the minds of staff members, and questioning and optimising oneself and all processes continuously. Secondly, Kaizen is the name for a workshop which is held to deal with a specific area or workplace.

A Kaizen workshop can take from one to five days and targets improvement to an area such as ergonomics, lead time, efficiency or productivity, inventory or order and cleanliness.

The successive improvement of processes

For any solutions developed during the workshop which cannot be implemented immediately, the team establishes a list of to-dos with responsibilities and deadlines. The implementation is recorded and checked for further improvement potential once the targeted actual state has been reached. If the actual state functions satisfactorily, it is defined as a standard and transferred to other workplaces and/or areas which it fits.

Visualisation for efficient work processes in administration, logistics and production

Visualisation, transparency and organisation with 5S

Visualisation and organisation are foundational for efficient work in office areas, production and logistics alike. DURABLE has consistently implemented the principle of visualisation with 5S and shopfloor management at its own production plants, in its new logistics centre and in administration by using its own products.

What is 5S and how to implement in practice?

5S includes the 5 principles sorting - cleaning - systemization - standardisation - self discipline. The aim of a 5S-optimised workplace is: everything which is no longer needed or hasn’t been touched for a long time is discarded. Paperwork is reduced to a minimum and information can be retrieved quickly. All routine processes are easy to understand and can be visualised at any time. Staff members detect deviations from the standard at first glance. Then entire workplace is pleasant and motivating. The staff members are responsible together with the executives for creating clean, ergonomic and orderly workplaces.

In production and logistics, precise labelling and visualisation are essential to avoid error sources and time-consuming searches. With an extensive product range, DURABLE offers fitting solutions for labelling containers, folders, shelving systems and storage areas in companies. According to a study conducted by Leonardo Group GmbH, an increase in productivity of up to 20% can be achieved just by reducing search time.

With which products does the implementation succeed?

Varicolor® Drawer boxes/Letter trays

  • With coloured drawers as an organisation and orientation help
  • High quality ABS quality
  • For easy orientation
  • Stackable with anti-slip plastic feet
  • Can be positioned in a row in all standard office cupboards and sideboards
  • High-quality material and production standards
Drawer box VARICOLOR® 4
Item No.: 7604
Drawer box VARICOLOR® 4
Elegant drawer box with 4 drawers, 2 of which in XXL. Coloured grip zones aid with Organisation.
Drawer box VARICOLOR® 4 SAFE lockable
Item No.: 7606
Drawer box VARICOLOR® 4 SAFE lockable
Elegant drawer box with 4 coloured drawers, 2 of which in XXL. Top drawer with cylinder lock.
Drawer box VARICOLOR® 5
Item No.: 7605
Drawer box VARICOLOR® 5
Elegant drawer box with 5 drawers. Eye-catching, coloured grip zones aid with Organisation.
Drawer box VARICOLOR® 7
Item No.: 7607
Drawer box VARICOLOR® 7
Elegant drawer box with 7 drawers. Eye-catching, coloured grip zones aid with Organisation.
Drawer box VARICOLOR® 10
Item No.: 7610
Drawer box VARICOLOR® 10
Elegant drawer box with 10 drawers. Eye-catching, coloured grip zones aid with Organisation.
Item No.: 7705
Set of 5 elegant letter trays. Can be stacked either vertically or staggered. Different-coloured, large grip zones for easy access.

Organiser Files/Folder

  • Can be used as a compact, well-organised project file
  • For A4 documents
  • For easy orientation
  • Pre-printed cover sheets and tabs for use as machine, motor vehicle or rental files

Magnetic document pouches/sleeves

  • With two magnetic strips on the back
  • Use on metallic surfaces, such as warehouse shelves and metal containers
  • Templates for insert labels available to download from DURAPRINT®
Magnetic document pocket 100x38 mm
Item No.: 1741
Magnetic document pocket 100x38 mm
Document pocket with a magnetic strip on the back. Ideal for labelling warehouse shelves, retail shelves, etc.
Magnetic document pocket 150x67 mm
Item No.: 1742
Magnetic document pocket 150x67 mm
Document pocket with a magnetic strip on the back. Ideal for labelling warehouse shelves, retail shelves, etc.
Document sleeve magnetic A5 landscape
Item No.: 1743
Document sleeve magnetic A5 landscape
Document sleeve with a magnetic strip on the back for use on metal surfaces.
Document sleeve magnetic A4 portrait
Item No.: 1744
Document sleeve magnetic A4 portrait
Document sleeve with a magnetic strip on the back for use on metal surfaces.
Document sleeve magnetic A4 landscape
Item No.: 1745
Document sleeve magnetic A4 landscape
Document sleeve with a magnetic strip on the back for use on metal surfaces.

FiFo with simple means of organisation

First in - First out

In Lean Production, the "First in - First out" - principle is a proven method to prevent confusion, waiting times, quality defects and backlogs.What comes in first, is processed first. FiFo also ensures fast, reliable and efficient processes in administration and is one of the Lean tools which must be used in efficient processes. Durable provides intelligent products to support its implementation:

Flexiboxx and FlexiPLUS

  • Literature display system for A4 portrait/landscape formats
  • Filling capacity 23-24 mm
  • Extendable up to a load capacity of approx. 6 kg
  • Available in black, white and transparent

Sorter rack

  • Made of powder-coated steel sheet
  • 5 or 8 compartments for effective sorting of documents
  • Wall mounting possible
  • Lateral labelling window
  • For A4 / folio format

Products and information on castors

Flow and flexibility

Everything going smoothly is what we like to say when things are going well. Durable products provide the means for workers and their products to join the “flow” with ease. Follow the material flow trend of “rolling logistics” with our storage trolleys, or create a flexible meeting culture in line with the Shopfloor Management principle with our suspension file trolleys.This is how you can have all documents ready to hand at any time in production and administration. Flexibility at and with your workplace comes within reach by means of our mobile workplaces – everything rolling where possible for optimal flexibility is one of the basic principles in developing our products.

Storage-/ File-/ and Computertrolleys

  • For flexible use in storage and production
  • With 4 castors
  • An Ideal complement to office furnishings


  • Rectangular waste and recycling material container with coloured lid. Capacity: 60 litres
  • With robust handles for easy transportation and retaining recesses on the base bottom side for safe emptying
  • With clamp slots for waste bags
  • Food grade in all colours (pursuant to EU Directive 1935/2004/EC), with the exception of black as this contains recycled materials

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