Production and logistics

Occupational safety, safety stickers and more

Time pressure and the number of forklifts are increasing in every production, warehouse and logistics operation, which in turn has led to a rise in hazardous situations for staff. Therefore, occupational safety (according to the Technical Rules for Workplaces 1.8) and well-designed labelling systems are becoming more and more important! Our range of products can help you create this kind of warehouse concept.

Information signs, warning signs and prohibitive signs are ideal for ensuring that people observe various regulations. This includes information on wearing safety shoes, for example, as well as restrictions on entering certain areas. At crossroads, safety makers can be stuck to the floor to remind people of the increased risk of forklifts.

Self-adhesive floor marking bands are suitable for separating roadways and walkways and can be used in different colours for marking keep-out areas (e.g. in front of fire extinguishers) and loading bays. These can be complemented by various floor-marking shapes.

Floor marking tapes
Parking space markings
Infoframe DURAFRAME®
Safty mark
Warning, prohibition and mandatory signs
Clearly mark prohibitions
DURABIN Container
Separate waste directly at the workplace
Mark safety instructions
Pallet foot sleeve

Warehouse signage

Markings for warehouses and production areas

80% of communication happens visually; threfore effective labelling of pallet spaces, walkways and storage areas can help facilitate production processes and increase safety. Perfect logistical labelling can ensure that your operation is clearly organised.

We strive for excellence, and focus on developing and manufacturing premium solutions for warehouse and logistic centres to ensure safe, efficient operation.

We provide a wide range of labelling solutions from magnetic and self-adhesive logistical pockets, safety markings and shapes through to safety signs to make your warehouse run safely and efficiently.

With the logistical labelling and flexible warehouse markings from DURABLE, you can create a structured warehouse that will allow you to organise your logistics effectively.

Easily print logistical pockets and document sleeves

Do you want to print barcodes and other information quickly and easily and swap them around on the shelves in the warehouse? Then our free labelling software DURAPRINT® is exactly what you need!
With DURAPRINT® you can design insert labels for various document sleeves or document pockets, save them and print them on site. Discover how easy it is to label DURABLE products!

Ticket sleeves
Versions: self-adhesive or magnetic
Document holders
Versions: self-adhesive or magnetic, with neodymium magnet, tab or wire clip
Magnetic label holders
Parking space markings
different shape
Pallet foot sleeves
Version: blue or yellow

Tidiness in the packing area

Tidy, ergonomic workspaces help your staff at the packing table and with order picking as well as at other workspace in the warehouse and production facility. The aim of workspace planning should be to ensure that everything you need is easily accessible and at a safe height. Safety and working instructions can be shown via display panel systems or self-adhesive info-frames at the workplace.

An often used technique used for optimising and improving workplaces and processes in the Kaizen method.

Drawer boxes
Information frames for work and safety instructions
Display board for information

Waste management

Are you looking for a waste disposal system that is clear to use at first glance? Then take a look at our waste solutions. Discover various capacities, shapes, colours and accessories.
  • Blue lid – Paper and cardboard:
magazines, newspapers, brochures, books, catalogues, wrapping paper, paper school material, egg boxes, flour and sugar bags, etc.
  • Yellow lid – Plastic and packaging material:
plastic pots (e.g. yoghurt pots), polystyrene tray from food, plastic bags, plastic bottles
  • Grey lid – General waste (everything else that cannot be recycled and is not hazardous)
leather, rubber, fabric remnants, porcelain, drinking glasses, hygiene products, dirty paper, carbon paper
  • Green lid: recyclables, organic waste, green glass
Recyclables include composite materials such as: drinks cartons, coffee packets
  • Red lid – Metal:
tins and cans, bottle tops, pots and pans, tools, cutlery, screws
  • White lid: White glass
recyclables container
Accessoires for waste containers

Outgoing goods and transport

All organised in the loading bay

At the loading gate two things are crucial: efficiency and speed! Pallets and parcels must be correctly labelled so as to enable quick loading. Here, our wire hanger or self-adhesive document pockets can help everything run smoothly.

Document sleeves
Display panel systems
Floor markings
Display panel systems
Display panel systems for the table, floor and wall
Information frames for safety instructions

THINK LEAN – Optimising internal processes with DURABLE products

Office and workspaces

Working according to the lean management method means removing non-value adding processes from everyday working life and optimising the ones that do work. From the admin offices to the production facilities and the warehouse, DURABLE products can help you and your staff increase efficiency.

If you would like to find out more about the lean management method or find out how our products can be used, then this is right category for you.

Key storage
Information systems
Waste bins

Office workspaces

Tablet Holder
Holder for your tablet in landscape & portrait format
Writing pads
Large selection
Holder for visitor badges
Holder for notepads (4709)

Warehouse workplaces

Tablet Holder
Tablet holders for the floor, wall or table
Scanner rails
Self-adhesive rails for EAN codes
Document holders
For signposting your storage locations

DURABLE Logistics Centre

Markings in the warehouse, production and logistics facilities are an essential part of the way we organise our working environment. Well-chosen information and labelling systems are used in various working areas and help our staff with the daily logistics processes.

We’ve made a short film to give you an insight into our logistics centre. Discover our daily processes from the delivery of new products through to the picking area and finally the handover to the haulage company.

Practical helpers

Clear and easy to read name badges & ID passes are often a requirement in large logistical centres and warehouses. Our range of badges & pass holders make it quick and easy to implement and give you a wide variety of solutions to fit your business.