duraframe is simpler than tape

The DURAFRAME® Family of Signs

A contemporary, easy-to-use display sign system that lets you create professional-looking signage and displays quickly and easily.

  • Sturdy lens cover for speedy insert updates
  • Magnetic seal holds inserts securely in place
  • Four-sided frame works vertically or horizontally

DURAFRAME® is a simple, stylish yet efficient way to organize, display and update important information. It represents innovative technology, outstanding design and excellent functionality, as evidenced by the renowned design awards that DURAFRAME® has achieved.

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We live in a world full of ever-changing information that needs frequent updating. Custom-made signboards and signage are inflexible, costly and cannot be mounted without supporting materials. Variable, low-cost, makeshift solutions, such as punched pockets fastened with tape, look unprofessional and often do not stay safely in place. DURAFRAME® combines fast, simple information replacement with flexible use – without supporting materials. Three different styles – DURAFRAME®, DURAFRAME® GRIP and DURAFRAME® SECURITY – ensure that any and all signage requirements can be met. Even with its low costs, DURAFRAME® guarantees a professional look.


Banks • Education • Events • Exhibits • Hospitals • Hotels • Manufacturing • Offices • Reception Areas • Restaurants • Showrooms • Travel Agencies • Warehouses

General Applications

Charts • Floor Plans • Hours of Operation • Information • Menus • Schedules • “Specials” • Telephone Directories • Window Displays


Danger and Safety Markings • Emergency Information • Evacuation Routes • Fire Extinguishers • Rescue Routes

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